On 18 September the change of the 17th board took place. After a successful year, the 17th board is replaced with new and fresh members.

During the general meeting of members, Richard Claessen (president 17th board) gives a beautiful speech about how the board took the challenge to give Mollier more name recognition. But also how the board members developed themselves and all the fun and frustrations they shared. After the speech, the 18th board
is constituted with four strokes of the hammer.

The change of board started with Bart (president 18th board) who took his time to knot his tie. According to the minutes it took more than 6 minutes! After that, Bart was officially the new president and constituted the rest of the new board. Christina Randjiet-Singh became secretary, Manon Derk treasurer and commissioner education, and Lisette Draaisma as external relations and vice president.

The policy plan of the 18th board was presented. The main goals of this year’s board consist of working on the future, realize a more continuous contact with sponsors and become more professional.

After the general meeting of members, the new board headed to the Skybar to celebrate her constitution.
Old and new members of Mollier where present this evening, but also other student associations, friends and family. Because of the high amount of Mollier members and old members, the Mollier anthem was sung many times while drinking Jägermeister. For some of the board a little too much and therefore the wall was a great friend for Christina and Lisette. At the end of the evening, Manon was standing alone on the podium.

The great evening continues with a dinner at the Movies. 54 Mollier members joined the dinner and later on the party continued in the city of Eindhoven. It was an unforgettable day!