Cocktail Party 2.0: The Story

After the great success last year, we organized our Cocktail Party 2.0 on the 5th of February.

Around 30 members surrendered to the Proud to be Fout theme (some better than others).
The night started with last year’s elected Mollier-cocktail: The Meister on Mars!

To refresh everybody’s memory, here is a list of all the cocktails:

1. Meister on Mars;
2. Cuba Libra;
3. Mojito;
4. Pornstar rum punch;
5. Between the sheets and under the covers.

As expected the karaoke was a great addition to the party.
We knew everybody drank enough when the boys started to sing ‘Let it go’.

To end the night with a blast, the Cocktail Party Commission elected the King & Queen of the party for ‘best dressed’. The winners were our secretary Marjolijn Benen and Mollier-dino Frank. After the coronation, they were thanked for their governal period with a Royal Cocktail.

The night ended with some complaints from neighbours above about our beautiful singing and Frank losing his bike. In conclusion, it was a fantastic party!

For next year’s commission we like to welcome David Al Juma!