Case study Actiflow

Thursday the 11th of December a case study of Actiflow was presented. The meeting started with a presentation about the company and some of their projects. Actiflow is specialized in CFD calculations and have therefore projects ranging from new car designs and building physics to maritime problems. For example to prevent on deck hot tubs spilling water under increasing wave heights.

Another project is the design of a skydive centre. This was also the project that was used for the case study. In groups of 5 students a design for this centre was created considering the airflow, inside temperature and energy consumption. After the brainstorm session all the ideas were presented and discussed. The case study resumed after a short break with some snacks and drinks. In the last part of the study the inside temperature of the tubes was scrutinized.

This was the first Mollier activity with Actiflow, a great success and hopefully the first of many.