Building analysis

During the study trip, we will visit circa 2-4 interesting buildings where we get a guided tour.
In pairs, the students have to analyse the buildings on 1 of the BPS related aspects.

List of BPS related aspects:
1. Acoustics (acoustic design concept, prevention noise nuisance, materialisation)
2. Lighting (lighting design concept, fraction of glas, use of daylight, artificial light)
3. Building Safety (analysis evacuation plan, escape routes, smoke control, compartmentation fire resistance / transmittance)
4. IAQ (measures to guarantee IAQ, ventilation design concept, air exhaust/supply position)
5. Heating / Cooling (design concept, type of generation/distribution/release)
6. Intelligent control (control/automation in order to enhance comfort and energy savings)
7. Building Materials (materialization, joints, finishing, construction)
8. Urban Physics (wind design concept, effect building geometry on wind)
9. Decentral Energy Generation (energy generation type, storage, connection to grid)
10. Building Services (plant room design, hydraulic circuit design, BMS, commissioning, green labelling)

Example buildings (not confirmed yet):
CCTV towerBeijing National StadiumEnergy Flower

CCTV                                                       Beijing National Stadium                         Energy Flower

Expected results of this research:
Studytrip 2015 Report guidelinesAccording to the building analysis, the following products are expected:
1. Article giving an building analysis with all 10 BPS aspects included for the CCTV,
Beijing National Stadium and Energy Flower
2. Article contrasting the fire safety in Chinese buildings to this in European buildings
The report guidelines can be downloaded by pressing the document icon on the right.

Find information on internet about buildings    27/02/2015 – 01/05/2015
Hand in building analysis plan                           01/05/2015
Analysis                                                            14/05/2015 – 25/05/2015
Complete analysis description                           26/05/2015 – 01/06/2015
Hand in analysis results                                     01/06/2015


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