BPBR recap – Thank you all for coming!

Last Wednesday after a long time waiting our patience was rewarded. Winter finally came and the beerpong battle royale was held in the Skybar. Many brave members of KOers and Mollier have witnessed sights no ordinary man could withstand. Many glorious battles and brilliant duels were fought.  Both sides have claimed righteous victory with great honour and suffered losses. Among the members it was Mollier who deemed ice cold ultimate victory and settled the score with 12-10.

The battle of the titans was fierce and exhilarating, it required extreme vigor and extraordinary endurance and tested the patience of both KOers and Mollier. This battle reached the ultimate climax when both sides remained still standing with one cup for twenty turns. However the fate was not on our side and the tide grievously turned to KOers which ultimately claimed this victory with their extreme tensile strength.

But heed not, Mollier has challenged KOers for a rematch to settle the score once and for all. Things will be heated up once again, as second Beerpong Battle Royale will be organised in quartile 4.

The 21st board of Mollier and 47th board of KOers would like to thank all members for joining in on the fun and making our activities succesfull yet again.