Beer tasting

In the beginning of the year Mollier went to Belgium for the start activity. Everybody had a little taste of the beautifull belgian villages, long countrysides and never the less their world famous golden substance! We want to take you further on a tour to explore the best export product of our southern neighbors.  Havn’t I convinced you yet? It’s called a BELGIAN BEER TASTING!

The evening will begin at 20.00 in the evening with the first beer paired with a matching snack. During the evening we will be enjoying at least 5 BEERS with snacks (maybe more). Our guides Jelle and Joshua have set up 2 TOURS with the finest beers from the belgian land.

Tour The Trappist: will take you to a couple of legendary monasteries and let you taste a variety of beers from blond beer to quadruple beers (alcohol permillage ranging between 5% to 11%).

Welkom The Summer Tour: is for the beer lover who enjoys a beer brewed by great craftsmanship (alcohol permillage ranging between 5% to 7%) but doesn’t need the heavy beers (with a high permillage). If requested we can provide a couple of Kriek beers in the second tour (send a e-mail to before the 18th of April if you want Kriek).


Location: Manons place (further information will follow after registration)

Time: 20.00 o’clock

Cost: €5,- p.p.

Other drinks can be consumed for €0,50 a piece.

Registration can be done here!!