Recap lunch lecture Valstar Simonis / Fellow FSE

The 23rd of May, Peter van Mierlo (Valstar Simonis) and Ricardo Weewer (Fellow FSE) joined us for the sixth lunch lecture of this academic year. The talks were interesting which was visible in the amount of questions the audience of around 30 students asked afterwards.

Peter van Mierlo, an alumnus of our master education and also former chairman of the 12th board, prepared a lecture about the Atlas building (which is commonly known as the main building of the TU/e campus). Valstar Simonis was involved during the renovation, developing the installations of the building. This also included all sensor equipment and the smart facade of the building.

Ricardo Weewer, a lecturer at the national fire academy and former fire fighter, prepared a lecture about fire safety and the importance of research in this topic. Buildings are changing due to regulations and sustainability which means different fire fighter techniques need to be explored and examined. Ricardo mentioned interesting experiments on small and large scale.

We would like to thank Peter van Mierlo and Ricardo Weewer for their interesting insights. Missed the speakers, or are you interested in Valstar Simonis or the Fellow FSE? More information can be found at the Mollier booth at the 2nd floor of Vertigo or ask the board.