Recap: Start Activity

The weekend of the 24th until the 26th of November was the weekend 23 people were waiting for. Friday afternoon we drove to the south with six cars, to a village called Bérisménil. This small village is located in the Ardennes. Here we had a nice dinner of macaroni with a bit too little Bolognese sauce.  Afterwards, everybody was free to play games, chat and drink some beers.

The next day started with an optional hike, which almost everybody participated in. Although the hills in the Ardennes are not that high, the 10 kilometer walk definitely had some rough parts. After the stroll, we had lunch (with knakworst and tosti’s!) and went on our way to the next activity: building a bridge. We were divided in two groups and each group had a different part of the river for their creation. After 75 minutes, the time was up and one group did indeed succeed to build a functional bridge out of the provided materials. The evening was spent at the house, with a Mexican style dinner consisting of nachos, wraps and tacos. Afterwards there was even hot chocolate. That night, games were played, movies were watched and beer was drunk.

The next day, after breakfast with scrambled eggs, the house was cleaned and the bags were packed as this was the day we would leave Belgium and go to Eindhoven again. However, there was still one activity planned before we went home: a visit to the La Chouffe brewery. Here we had a nice presentation about the history of the brewery, the brewing process and of course we had the opportunity to taste some beers. When the beers were finished, the group went on its way back to the north, with a quick stop at McDonald’s for a late lunch.

We would like to thank everyone for making this weekend Mollier-worthy and we hope to see you all at the next activity!