Recap Constitution of the 25th Board

On Tuesday, the 22nd of September, we organized the last GMM of the 24th board, and the first GMM of the 25th board. The constitution of the 25th board took place, with the members of the 25th board unanimously chosen. In the 25th board are constituted:

(From left to right)
Commissioner EducationEugene Mamulova
TreasurerSietse de Vries
SecretaryJúlia Csemezová
ChairmanLaurens Castenmiller
Commissioner External RelationsNora Kuiper
Commissioner External Relations & EducationBas Turk
Commissioner of Activities / Vice-ChairmanJesper Priester

After the GMM, the board celebrated with a beer at the CSPO XL, organized by the 35th board of CHEOPS, and afterwards with a dinner at the Zwarte Doos. We welcomed our members to join us at 19:00 to have a toast on the new board and the new academic year. Due to corona, this unofficial constitution drink took place in a different way than we are used to, but we are very excited to hopefully organize a real constitution drink somewhere in the first halve year of 2021!!