Lustrum Announcement

‘To look for the silver lining’ is a suggestion that has been said so often it may appear trite to some. But it actually contains a very deep wisdom, that can help us all to get through difficulties. – Urban Dictionary


S.v.b.p.s. Mollier was originally established in 1996 as the Installatietechnische Studie Vereniging (I.S.V.) Mollier, named after the physician Richard Mollier. This study association was founded to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst students. In the 90’s, the professional field panted for students who studied building services. Therefore, the desire of the founders of I.S.V. Mollier was to become an independent study association, and thus not part of CHEOPS, the study association for the Built Environment. After winning the debate with FSE, the Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven, there was the establishment of I.S.V. Mollier.

In 2011, I.S.V. Mollier merged with Studievereniging Bouwfysica Flux. Flux was originally established in 1980 under the name Fysische Aspecten van de Gebouwde Omgeving, FAGO, and later renamed Flux. The decision of the TU/e to merge the faculties of Building Physics and Building Services, lead to two associations within one faculty with the same interests, and this was of course undesirable. Therefore, the decision was made by Flux and I.S.V. Mollier to continue together as one sub association of CHEOPS under the name of Studievereniging Building Physics and Services Mollier. This is how we know the association nowadays.

A lot has happened with s.v.b.p.s. Mollier in the past 25 years, and we are honored that we can celebrate the 25th birthday of the association in the upcoming year! Hereby, the lustrum committee would like to proudly present to you, the theme of the 5th Lustrum, that will be “Silver Lining”, and the main activities that will happen next academic year:

Opening party
NEW DATE 4th of February 2021
Café Thomas, Eindhoven

16th of March 2021
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium, TU/e

5th of June 2021
Mystery location

We are looking forward to seeing you there!