WELL Building Student Event




15:00 - 18:00


Filmzaal Zwarte Doos

The WELL Building Student Event organized by the Health in the Built Environment Consortium in corporation with study associations CHEOPS and Mollier.

Presentations will be given in english.

15:00 uur – Welcome and introduction Health in the Built Environment program (HitBE) by Helianthe Kort, chair Building Healthy Environments for Future Users and coordinator HitBE

15:10 uur – introduction WELL Building Standard and introduction goals of the afternoon

15:30 uur – WELL District presentation by Jos Schild (Royal Haskoning DHV, Adviseur Duurzaam Ontwikkelen & Gezonde Steden, Expert en assessor BREEAM-nl Gebiedsontwikkeling) about the relationship between urban development and health and is focused on the measures that can be taken to improve the health of the user of the city.

15:50 uur – Francesco Franchimon (Wetenschappelijk Directeur BlueBuildingInstitute) – about the WELL building standard and the applications and the future of it in the Netherlands

16:10 uur – announcement excursion(s): Municipality Utrecht/Gemeente Utrecht? (Jos Schild) and/or the first completed WELL certified building (autumn – Francesco Franchion)

16:10 uur – panel discussion with the attendees about two topics:

  • So far, little has been done about health in urban development because there are standards that indicate what is healthy and what is not (protection of health). As long as we are below the standard, it is fine and if we are above it is completely wrong. Or in other words we hide behind the norm and do nothing else. However, when it comes to the protection of health, we can do it at most less badly (less sound, less fine dust, etc.). My position is that we have to get away from hiding behind the norms and have to start with a positive approach in which the health of people is promoted (Jos Schild)
  • Comfort is not a business case, but decrease in sickness absence: would a healthy home positively influence your career and your salary?


16:30 uur – 17:30 uur Drink and talk with students and presenters.


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