Spring activity | Schoone Leij






Around the coast of Zuid Holland

Dear (aspiring-) member,

Our alumni association is organizing their spring activity on the 2nd of June, with the possibility to stay till June 3rd.

There is a program full of exciting activities and after this you can relax with a drink at the BBQ. For the real die-hards is possible to end the evening with a drink and to stay overnight. Breakfast will be provided the morning after.

The activity will take place in / around the coast of Zuid-Holland and costs € 25, – per person for Mollier members. The activity begins June 2nd around 13:00 and will end around 12.00 on the 3rd of June (exact times will follow). It is also possible to join in around the starting time of the BBQ (±17.30u).

You can register by logging in with your Mollier account.