TU/e Creathon “Health and well-being in built environment”







The target audience will be students and young professionals, whose field of study or activity is not necessarily directly related to design or health. Other disciplines may be preferred such as engineering management, engineering techniques, history, computer science, green chemistry, psychology, sociology, design and arts… to cover the whole chain of thought, development and production of a common final team project. Register before May 14th via the registration form.

During this event, most of the stakeholders in the design process, from citizens to businesses, through communities and institutions of higher education, will be involved. The Creathon will be an opportunity to highlight the history, heritage, economic fabric, knowledge centers and HEI related to improving the quality of health in our built environment (in- and outdoor) both in a bi-national Dutch-French context (and eventually in the specific context of the territory of Brainport Eindhoven).

A ‘creathon’ brings young people together as they work in teams on a specific topic and compete against each other to come up with innovative solutions to current issues. The best proposed project will receive a prize.

  • The “Health and well-being in built environment” Creathon encourages students and young professionals to show their creativity, audacity, optimism and future-mindedness
  • The key words should be: health, well-being, sustainability, awareness and quality of life.
  • All costs related to participation (travel, meals, lodging) are covered by the organizers
  • The working language will be English.




Program Creathon: