TU/e and NAG acoustics symposium




12:00 - 17:00

Maarten Hornikx of TU/e and the NAG are organizing an event for young acousticians on June 25!


On Monday June 25, Fotis Georgiou will defend his PhD thesis: Modeling for auralization of urban environments : incorporation of directivity in sound propagation and analysis of a framework for auralizing a car pass-by.


A great opportunity to host an event for young acousticians and give the stage to other PhD student currently working on acoustics! Two member of Fotis’ promotion committee from Chalmers (Göteborg) and Aalto University (Helsinki).


The program will roughly be as follows:

1200 – 1300    Welcome and Lunch

1300 – 1330    Chang Liu TU/e

1330 – 1400    PhD student to be announced

1400 – 1430    Jens Ahrens (Chalmers University): Acoustic Transducer Arrays

1430 – 1500    Tapio Lokki (Aalto University): Sensory Evaluation of Concert Hall Acoustics

1500 – 1600    Coffee break

1600 – 1700    Defence Fotis Georgiou. Modeling for auralization of urban environments: incorporation of directivity in sound propagation and analysis of a framework for auralizing a car pass-by


If you feel like joining, please let casper.bosschaart@tno.nl know by sending him an email. We are hoping to welcome many of you!