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Top Secret

Grab your agenda and block the weekend of 16/17/18 October for ‘THE START ACTIVITY 2015’, the traditional trip as the start of this academic year of study association Mollier. The goals of this weekend are to get to know your fellow students and to have crazy lots of fun during exciting activities, delicious meals, parties and too many drinks! Expect us to leave around 12 o’clock on Friday the 16th of October and that we will be back in Eindhoven on Sunday night the 18th of October.

If we will go to be Berlin, Brugge, Oldeholtpade, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris or maybe another place will be kept as a surprise. But believe us, it is going to be an amazing and fantastic weekend which you will never forget. Last year 33 students joined this weekend and the committee of this year expects to beat this record this year with even more subscriptions.

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