REHVA Student Competition 2021




23:59 - 23:59



Each year REHVA organizes the REHVA Student Competition. This competition for research in the field of heating, ventilation and airconditioning encourages students to make their contribution to a sustainable future for the earth.

The first selection will take place on a national level and will be organized by TVVL for the Netherlands. TVVL invites all students to sign up for the Dutch Nominee Competition. The winner of the Dutch competition will participate in the REHVA Student Competition 2021 on September 7, 2021.

Why participate
If you win the Dutch Nominee Competition you will automatically build up a strong international network of experts in your area of expertise. TVVL offers you a stage during national and regional events and your article will be published in TVVL Magazine. Besides the cash prize of 500 euros the winner of the REHVA Student Competition 2021 will be offered the chance to publish an article in the REHVA Journal.

Out of the Dutch submissions 3 candidates will be nominated to present their research to the members of TVVL Impuls. During the Dutch final, that will take place at the TVVL office in Woerden, will be announced who will represent the Netherlands at the REHVA Student Competition 2021. You can find an overview of the terms and conditions in the documents below:

Preparations of papers for the REHVA Student Competition
Student Competition 2021 rules
Guidelines Student Competition TVVL


June 3, 2021 Registration deadline for candidates of the Dutch Nominee Competition
June 10, 2021 Announcement of the 3 candidates of the Dutch Nominee Competition
June 24, 2021 Registration deadline presentations Dutch Nominee Competition
July 1, 2021 Dutch Nominee Competition final (TVVL Woerden)
July 30, 2021 Deadline submission presentations REHVA Student Competition
September 7, 2021 REHVA Student Competition final


Chairman of the jury of the REHVA Student Competition
This year’s jury for the Dutch Nominee Competition of the REHVA Student Competition will be led by Hans Besselink and Arash Rasooli. Hans Besselink is a former board member and current representative abroad for TVVL. REHVA has appointed Hans as a Fellow. A status that emphasizes the importance of Hans’ work for REHVA. Arash Rasooli, PhD Researcher at TU Delft is specialized in Building Heat Transfer, won the European REHVA Student Competition 2016 as well as the World Student Competition 2016 during CLIMA 2016.  With this experience Arash supports students in their journey to compete at the REHVA Student Competition.