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9:45 - 17:30



On the 22nd of November, DPA Cauberg-Huygen organizes an fun and interactive Parametric design workshop for Mollier students at their office in Rotterdam.  Cauberg-Huygen will organize a pleasant day where there is plenty of time to get to the case and the company, lunch will be provided and the winning group will be announced with some drinks at the end of the afternoon.

Cauberg-Huygen is an independent consulting and engineering firm with experience in the construction industry,
infrastructure, spatial planning, and research. A reliable and innovative partner with an understanding of building
physics issues such as sustainability, safety, environment, energy, and comfort.

OMRT is the new parametric engineering service that enables architects to model and compute their 3D-models
and analyze them. In collaboration with Cauberg-Huygen and the TU Delft, OMRT is developing one integral
building engineering algorithm that performs building physics calculations real-time, fully integral, and virtually.

Why you should join the workshop of DPA Cauberg-Huygen!?

Unlike all other events or excursions where personal contact and interaction do not really come into its own, we at Cauberg-Huygen like to organize a pleasant day where there is plenty of time to get to know each other.

We like to keep ourselves busy with the future and all future challenges that we can expect in our workspace.
In order to meet these challenges, we will have to connect the young and the old, the new and the old generation to learn from and with each other. The new technologies combined with the almost 50 years of practical experience in our organization deliver surprising solutions.

You get 4 activity points for joining!

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