Online Beer pong Battle | Mollier vs. KOers






Your crib!

On the 6th of May, Mollier and KOers, the study association for structural design, will battle against each other for the fourth time in a new edition of the Beer Pong Battle! K.O. (knock-out) is already in their name so get ready! There is a price at stake. Due to Corona, this year’s edition is online. Here is how to set up your beer pong at home:

  1. Make sure you have some beer, Beer Pong cups and table tennis balls at home
  2. Place 10 cups in a triangle on a table
  3. Place your laptop behind the cups on top of something waterproof (in case one of the cups falls over) or somewhere so that all cups are in view.
  4. Fill the cups with water
  5. Fill a separate cup with beer
  6.  Stand at 3 meters distance from the most front cup
  • If your opponent throws the ball in one of his cups, you have to drink the separate cup (+refill that cup)
  • One reshuffle is allowed