Study Trip 2022: Dublin




16:00 - TBD


Dublin, Ireland

Mollier will be going to Dublin, Ireland!
The multi-day excursion trip will take place from 12 May till 16 May. You can sign up for this amazing event till 6 April.

The trip will at least include flight, accommodation, public transportation and several activities, both educational and fun. The fee will be 250 . Upon registration you will receive more information when the fee has to be fulfilled.


If there are more sign-ups than slots available, a lottery will be held on April 7th in order to select participants. The amount of lottery tickets you get depends on how many times you have been on a study trip before. If you never went on a study trip before, you get 4 tickets, if you went once, you get 2 tickets and if you went multiple times, you get 1 ticket.