Lunch lecture #2 Nelissen | SPIE




12:40 - 13:30


Zwarte Doos 1.04

On the 14th of March we will have our second Lunchlecture of the year. This time, Nelissen Ingenieursbureau and SPIE will be giving lectures centered on their field of expertise. Nelissen Ingenieursbureau will give a lecture called “Vanderlande future-proof / Together to a sustainable campus”, while SPIE will give a lecture on “The future of data driven building operations”. We will take care of the sandwiches and drinks. Attending the workshop will earn you 2 activity points!

DIRECTIONS: To get to the location of the event, you have to enter the Zwarte Doos on the 1st floor through the bridge from Vertigo (passing by the Cheops corner). You must enter a pair of automatic doors on the right hand side, and you will find the room on the right hand side of that hallway.

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