Excursion Philips Research




13:30 - 16:00


High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Together with Philips Research we organize an excursion to Philips Research at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. From 13:30 until approximately 16:00h.

The program consists of:

Time What Where
13:15 Gather Reception HTC34, High Tech Campus
13:30 IntroductionPresentation Personal Control project (30 min) Meetingroom (34_k_31)
14:20 Patientroom, healthy buildings – EvertArtificial Skylight – Bernt Hospital lab
  General intro – Sanae Home lab
  General intro – SanaeBox 3 – Patrick Studio
15:30 Plenary:discussion/questions                                                                          Wrap up Meetingroom (34_k_31)
16:00 Ending


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