MDE – Amsterdam




12:00 -


De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

On the 9th of June, together with SPIE, Mollier will visit the construction site of De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam!

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is currently renovating its head office in Amsterdam. After 50 years, the building has become outdated. The renovation focuses on creating a sustainable, flexible building that is more accessible to the public.

Prefab elements from the old round tower have been disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner for reuse and some of the concrete will also be used again in the renovated head office.

At 12:00, we gather in Vertigo. Then we walk together to the station to travel to Amsterdam by train. After the excursion visit, we would like to end the day with dinner together (for free)!


Additionally for just €25, you can join this excursion and some fun activities on Saturday near Amsterdam, including a visit to the Jopenkerk brewery in Haarlem. This contribution will include everything (transportation costs, all meals, the hotel stay and the fun activities) 🚅🥙🛌🏼🍻.


If you want to know more about this project, you can visit

Renovation of DNB’s head office and A sustainable, renovated head office (