Beer tasting 2.0




20:00 - 23:59


Franklin D Rooseveltlaan 22, 5625 PA

Dear Mollier members,

We all know Mollier members like to enjoy the finer things in life, especially a “kleintje af” after a hard day of studying. After the tremendous success of last years the beer tasting and countless requests for a sequel we are proud to present the Beer tasting event 2.0! Already known for its superb quality selection of beers, fine selection of amuses and a brain cracking quiz we thought we did not have to introduce the event further, however for those who were living under a rock;

During the Beer Tasting event you can and will enjoy at least 5 beers and matching amuses. During the event the participants will receive a quiz with questions about Mollier, the members of Mollier and of course beer. A huge prize will be waiting for the winner of the quiz so it would be wise to get your facts straight about your loving study association and (if you have not done it already) the finer crafted beers. You will have a choice between 2 packages which have a different variety of beers, Kriek beers are not included in the packages but they can be added on request.

  • Taste of Summer: For those who want to discover several beers with a relative low alcohol percentage that are perfect to enjoy during the summer on a terrace with the warming sun on your face.


  • Happiness in a bottle: For the more experienced beer sommeliers among our elite group we composed a variety of beer types. You will experience light, strong, sweet, bitter, etc. tastes form all around the world and of course some legendary Trappisten Beers.

Location: Franklin D Rooseveltlaan 22

Date: 18th of May

Time: 20:00

Costs: € 5,-

Other drinks will be available for the normal price of €0,50.

Registration is closed!

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