Aquarelle avec Richard







Bonjour cher member,

We have prepared an activity for you to paint the winter blues away. Is it your first time holding a brush? Worry not, with Richard as your muse, you will end up with a masterpiece to hang above your bed. Let your inner artist shine for only 5€ or 5 activity points if you are a student, and 7.50€ if you are an alumnus. We will ship all the necessary equipment to your doorstep.

Please provide your correct shipping address before Sunday 29th of November, 23:59 in this Google form.

If you’re not yet a member of Mollier but would like to join the painting workshop, please send an e-mail to before Sunday 29th of November, 23:59 or subscribe via the website to become a member of Mollier!

A’ bientôt!

Sorry, the registration for this event is closed. If you would still like to participate, please contact us at or send a personal message to any of the board members.