Evaluation Lunch Lecture #6

Heijmans is part of new consortium called New Amsterdam Court House (NACH) that will execute the new built courthouse of Amsterdam. The national estate (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) selected the consortium based on public private cooperation. In Dutch the so-called ‘publiek private samenwerking’ (pps contract). This DBFMO-project, which stands for Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate is a construction between client and contractor for which the contractor offers the client a total package. So after completion Heijmans has a share in the construction and maintenance of the building. This so-called DBFMO-project has a value of €235 million including 30 years of maintenance.

Bauke van der Goot (process manager) guided us through the role Heijmans played during the tender, and what their role will be in the new consortium. It was an interesting lecture from Heijmans which showed the present members how future projects will be executed and what role different disciplines within the built environment will fulfil. Challenging will be the integral cooperation between different parties in the newly constructed consortium. One of which we can become part within a future career at Heijmans.

On behalf of the 20th board of Mollier we first would like to thank Heijmans for the lecture and our members (about 15) for being present. This was the 6th and last lunch lecture of this academic year.  Therefore we thank the committee for their preparations throughout the year. See you at the next lunch lecture in September!