Assignment 3: Acoustics

Studytrip 2015 Assignment Description AcousticsDuring this year’s studytrip several researches will be conducted. The subject of the third assignment is the effect of sound conditions. The assignment description can be found by pressing the document icon on the left.

Short assignment description
3 students + 1 commission member
Investigation on the effect of the location on sound conditions in a primary school in order to reduce noise nuisance and improve learning ability

– Measure indoor sound conditions in 1 class room
– Investigate primary school characteristics
– Measure outdoor sound conditions on several locations during study trip
– At Qianmen Primary School Beijing (inner city)
– Suburb area Beijing
– Great Wall of China (rural area)
– Determine effect of the location on the indoor sound conditions
– Compare values with guidelines, standards, reference values in literature

Expected results of this research:
Studytrip 2015 Report guidelinesFor this assignment, an encompassed research article will be conducted of 4 pages, including literature study, method description and a comparison of the results with reference data. The report guidelines can be downloaded by pressing the document icon on the left.

01/05/2015                                 Hand-in interim report
14/05/2015 – 25/05/2015           Measurements during trip
12/06/2015                                 Hand-in final report


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